Job: Urgently Require Nurses for Kuwait

Title Urgently Require Nurses for Kuwait
Categories Healthcare Jobs
Location OMAN
Job Information


Visa will be service visa till you qualify MOH licence exam.After clear MOH exam it converts to nurse visa category.

With out MOH licence also ok.

Requirements of nursing for Kuwait
Salary offer:-
Basic salary 150 KD / month with food allowance 25 KD / month total 175KD/month

225KD/month if the candidate, received license after passing their medical exam.(basic
150KD + food allowance 25KD+license incentive 50KD total 225KD)

250 – 275 KD/month if candidate is licensed (basic 150KD+ food allowance 25KD + license 50KD + medical institute bonus 25 – 50
KD total 250-275KD)

Other benefits

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